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Atlantic Breast Cancer Net: the fight with BC

Cancer has emerged as one of the biggest threats to mankind in recent times – and continues to be among the leading causes of death the world over. While there has been progressing in cancer treatments, and it is possible to combat cancer with treatments like chemotherapy, it is also true that it’s a painful process.

In Canada, the most common form of cancer in breast cancer, with 26% patients out of all cancer types. Around 25,700 women and 230 men are predicted to have been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 alone. (more…)

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Breast cancer support group meetings in Nova Scotia

Breast Cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer detected in women including Nova Scotia. Around 780 women were diagnosed with the disease in 2015 while it caused 150 deaths in the same year.

Patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer need emotional support and backup so that they can retain hope and recover successfully.  To be able to do that successfully, we have a number of breast cancer support groups – and we would be taking a look at a few of them in Nova Scotia. (more…)

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The contributions of Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund

Breast cancer still remains the most common form of cancer in Canada in spite of the declining mortality rates. Still today, 1 out of 8 Canadian women have breast cancer and each hour 3 people (including male and female) are diagnosed with the disease.

Many institutions are fighting against the disease and investing in research to come up with effective clinical treatments. The Bras Family Foundation (BRAS) is one such name that has contributed a lot in creating a humanitarian environment for patients suffering from cancer. It provides different beneficial services to cancer patients and also facilitates the operation of drug development programs at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto. (more…)

Cancer associations

The role of CCS and CBCF in fighting breast cancer

The incidents of breast cancer have risen significantly in modern times. It is a serious disease that affects 1 Canadian woman out of 8 during her lifetime. The incidents are rarer in men but still exist. If we go by statistics, 230 men and 26,300 women in Canada had been diagnosed in 2017 with breast cancer. Per hour, at least 3 people are diagnosed with breast cancer in Canada.

The number of deaths is also not to ignore- 43 men and 5,000 women have been thought to have died in 2017 due to breast cancer. (more…)

Canadian healthcare

The role of the Breast Cancer Society of Canada

Among the most potent forms of cancer the world over, the breast cancer still remains a potent threat to women.

Over the years, the number of breast cancer incidents in Canada has stabilized. Yet, it is the most common form of cancer that the population is diagnosed with. 26% of all women cancer patients suffer from breast cancer while 1 out of 30 women is likely to die from it. In 2016, around 25,700 women in Canada had breast cancer while only 230 males suffered from the disease.

The drop in mortality rates and success of treatment are direct contributions of organizations involved in research and healthcare. It is due to their research that innovative and successful diagnosis and treatment procedures have been developed while the public has become more aware. (more…)