The contributions of Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund

The contributions of Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund

Breast cancer still remains the most common form of cancer in Canada in spite of the declining mortality rates. Still today, 1 out of 8 Canadian women have breast cancer and each hour 3 people (including male and female) are diagnosed with the disease.

Many institutions are fighting against the disease and investing in research to come up with effective clinical treatments. The Bras Family Foundation (BRAS) is one such name that has contributed a lot in creating a humanitarian environment for patients suffering from cancer. It provides different beneficial services to cancer patients and also facilitates the operation of drug development programs at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto.

BRAS invests in grants for important purposes to create a difference in the community. Apart from working on health issues, they also concentrate on women and children issues. They also have a specific grant for patients with breast cancer which we are going to talk about.

The Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund

With breast cancer continuing to throw in the lives of women around the world in a daze, many sufferers look at money for treatment and to lead a normal life.

BRAS has set up a grant that offers patients the funds they need in the near future to treat their disease. Many patients in Canada are still not educated or aware of the money involved that comes with a diagnosis. As a result, patients find it difficult to withstand the burden of breast cancer treatment makes matters worse.

The Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund

Many of the patients also don’t have workplace health-care coverage which it difficult to access treatment. Under certain conditions, they may also be ineligible for assistance or benefits provided by the government. Missing wages and paying for treatment is almost impossible for such people.

How does it help?

The patients covered by the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund mostly live below the poverty line and have very low incomes. For these reasons, the fund comes really helpful for the breast cancer patients in Canada. They can use the fund to pay for food and shelter and the organization reimburses them for any expense on different things such as medication, childcare, prosthetics and restorative procedures.

The patients covered under the fund include both men and women from all walks of life- some of them are married or single, divorced, widowed, young mothers, working women, unemployed, self-employed, students- the list is endless. What is common among all patients is that they don’t have any support of extended family and mostly living alone in poor conditions. Clinically, the patients include both women with early stages of breast cancer and those who have breast cancer with metastatics.

The Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund under BRAS has made a significant contribution by investing generously for the health and survival of the patients  who have poor breast cancer. The efforts of such organizations are the cause of stabilization of breast cancer cases in Canada.